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Growing Fodder
Clean Greens Year Round
Whether you plan on growing wheat corn or barley whatever seed you decide to try it will have a different germination rate from grainery to grainery whatever feed store you use. Once you get a grain that sprouts well stick with that seed source.
Buy seeds in small amounts at first if you can before purchasing in bulk.

There are many local grain mills and feed stores if you look online or in the phone book. There are also sources for organic seeds available in bigger cities and online. Just let them know you want seed for sprouting they are usually very eager to help   and if they don't have what you need ask them for a referral.

I have noticed the cleaner the seed when you get it the better it sprouts. All seeds still have to be rinsed and then soaked overnite in water either with a capful or bleach or                     hydrogen peroxide. This helps kill mold spores which occur naturally on grain.

During the soaking process the seeds puff up you then rinse them very well and place into black 1020 gardening trays that have pre drilled holes in them. The tray should be 1/4 to 1/2 in seed depth. For a chart for sprout soak time by seed type click the orange ball!

Place the trays on the fodder system with an empty black 1020 tray that has holes. This helps the root mat develop better. Leave the empty tray on until you see the seeded tray lifting the empty tray this usually occurs at day 2 or 3.

Then remove the tray  and it will look
like the image pictured on the right.
Then continue to let it grow and turn
green. The leaves are just as nutritious
whether they are dark or light green.

Mold Issues

Mold is an issue as the weather starts getting warmer, warmer weather will also effect sprout rates. The fodder itself will grow faster as I have seen this week so my                               chickens and goats and rabbits are fattening up!

I have my system set up on my front porch which is enclosed so I have a couple fans set up for circulation. Since it has gotten warmer I now only pre-soak my grain with                           bleach/and/or hydrogen peroxide for an hour since the fodder is growing faster this will help cut-down on mold.

Clean your trays with soapy bleach and or hydrogen peroxide water after every use. I have also started giving them day 4, 5, trays as they get the same nutritional value from it as they would day 6 trays! Change the water in the tote more often if mold becomes an issue. I also add a cap full of bleach to my tote water at every water change.

I get the most from my 18 tray system by double and triple stacking trays my system at any given time can have 24-30 trays on it at various growing stages!

Remember for every problem there is a solution!

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Fodder Growing Guide Will Be Emailed
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